i n b e t w e e n - solo exhibition at George Billis Gallery LA


George Billis Gallery is pleased to present
i n b e t w e e n , the gallery’s second solo exhibition of paintings by Sharon Feder. The show features the artist’s newest series of oil paintings focusing on urban landscapes and continues through November 16th.

Feder’s paintings depict the almost forgotten corners of our fast-changing urban areas, focusing on alleyways and industrial buildings off the beaten path. The paintings are vibrant with textured surfaces created through skilled manipulation of the paint - they are technically full of value and tradition. Within each composition lies a tension between realism and abstraction; representation and the geometric.

Feder draws inspiration from neighborhoods in Los Angeles and Denver areas. However, the location almost becomes irrelevant as she teases out the universal in the byways of the industrial edges of our sprawling cities. These paintings could be anywhere.

Her paintings are uncluttered by urban debris - the buildings are perhaps abandoned but not rundown. The linearity of these forms becomes the structure for her study of color, light, shadow, and reflection. These buildings and power lines have become the man-made landscape taking the place of hills and trees. In essence, Feder is a modern landscape painter - her landscape is the mountain range of urban industrial sprawl.

Feder writes, “focusing on urban imagery and on the universality of human vision, these paintings speak to the angst of our post-industrial world; as the forms we construct and the terrain we inhabit mirror our notions of self, these images are thereby explorations of our solitude, our history, and our interconnection. In subject matter and through rhythmic compositions of form and color, the paintings document and celebrate the choreography of our existence.”

Sharon Feder completed BFA coursework at the University of Washington, Seattle and received her BA in Fine Art from Regis University, Denver. Feder has exhibited extensively in the metropolitan Denver area and has shown with George Billis Gallery Los Angeles and New York. In 2014 Feder exhibited a large body of work at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. She has painted over 60 murals and painting installations in commercial and residential venues, both interior and exterior in Aspen, Denver, Telluride and Palm Beach. She currently lives and works in Denver, CO.