∆ t (Change in Time) solo at Telluride Arts' Gallery 81435

                                           Next No. 5    36 x 36 inches    oil on panel

Gallery 81435 in Telluride, CO presents an exciting new series of paintings by Denver artist Sharon Feder. The artist reception is on January 7th from 5-8 pm.


Feder’s exhibition, titled Δ t (delta t = Change in Time) contemplates the geometry and emptiness of structures, visually and metaphorically. Like silent sentries, they record, observe, and imply change in time. Buildings, as elements in the gigantic still life constructions that form our urban environment, inform both an understanding and unity with the made and natural world.

The paintings, themselves, derive from an intersection of realism, abstraction and surrealism. Simone Kussatz, in ArtScene, writes that Feder’s paintings “are more about color combinations… and how paint is applied than subject matter… at once an aesthetic expression and a spiritual engagement.


The show runs through the month of January at Gallery 81435, located at 230 S Fir St in Telluride, Colorado. Open daily from 12-6pm or by appointment.


Gallery 81435 is a project of Telluride Arts. Telluride Arts promotes the arts within the Telluride Arts District, which contains a remarkable concentration of arts and cultural activity that engages artists from around the region and across the globe. For more information find us online at or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at Telluride Arts.|  970.728.3930