SHARON ²: INTERIORS at The Pattern Shop Studio -- From the RiNo’s Horn by Rexford Brown

When we hear the word "interiors" in association with art, most of us imagine Vermeer and the great Dutch genre painters of the 17th century.  But when you think about it, the style didn't die with them. Scores of great artists have painted unforgettable interiors-- Cassatt, Renoir, Bonnard, Picasso, Matisse, Hopper, and Hockney come immediately to mind--and a good many contemporary painters continue to find the tradition attractive and useful.  Among them are the two master oil painters in this show...(read full story)

                          Sharon Feder,  Contemplating Love, No. 1,  oil on panel, 36 x 24 in.   private collection

                          Sharon Feder, Contemplating Love, No. 1, oil on panel, 36 x 24 in.  private collection