Exploring Abstraction - Michele Mosko Fine Art

EXPORING ABSTRACTION opens Sunday, June 26th with special gallery hours of 11 – 5 pm and will continue through August 21st with regular gallery hours Wednesday – Saturday, 12 to 5 pm.

Michele Mosko Fine Art is pleased to introduce the second in a series of Salon Sunday exhibitions.  Gallery Director Brenda LaBier has curated this dynamic exhibition entitled EXPLORING ABSTRACTION, featuring works on canvas, panel and paper by Andy Berg, Ken Elliot, Sharon Feder, Edward Lentsch and Michael Rubin. 

Salon Sunday’s are eclectic exhibitions with diverse and varied works. This month’s exhibit of abstract painting is particularly bold as the artworks selected vary greatly in technique, style and approach.

In spite of the different artists selected and their unique applications, the reference to nature reveals itself as a theme in three of the painters shown.  Ken Elliot and Sharon Feder depart from their often recognizable and sometimes literal style to create emotive works that are abstracted expressions of city and land. In AfterGlow a richly painted square canvas by Elliot, the turbulent sky builds to contrast with the pastoral ground below but ultimately abstracts to blocks of color. Feder’s paintings of Jet’s Trees-Blue allow us to look up to the sun filled sky and beyond so that what might be exact imagery blurs to a hazy sunlit distance. Michael Rubin utilizes mark making in a completely abstract style, but his colors and the internal order of Black Current and Fall succeed in bringing us to the river’s edge and to an autumnal day.

Andy Berg and Edward Lentsch’s paintings complement one another as purely abstract with emotive works. Lentsch utilizes natural materials of wax, silica and paint to create a textured and visceral surface that is both brut and zen in effect. Andy Berg’s bold colors and naïve mark making create fresh imagery that seem to carry the viewer beyond the canvas to touch the subconscious; his and our own.

For further information and images, please contact Gallery Director Brenda LaBier at 303-534-5433 and